Taking the Haeundae Blue Line Train & Sky Capsule in Busan

BlueLine Park Busan

So you are traveling to Busan and have seen the stunning view you get from the Haeundae Blue Line Train & Sky Capsule? As you, on our first trip to the city, we planned to go on both the train and the capsule.

However, the first time we visited, one of the most important Busan attractions was open for a little while and there was little information (at least in English) about it online. I was charmed by the videos posted on Instagram, but could not find basic information online: where to take the train from, how to get to Mipo Station, what is the difference between the train and the capsule, how much the ticket cost, and so on.

Needless to say, we got lost looking for Songjeong Station. At the subway station, we asked for directions, but nobody seemed to know what we were talking about.

The derelict East Sea South Line railway station was given a new purpose with a green revitalization project, infusing the area with fresh energy and life. Of course, since Blue Line Park has quickly become one of the most well-known attractions in the city, everyone knows now where it is.

However, as a tourist new to the city and the country, things can get overwhelming, and a straightforward guide is always welcome.

After our 2 trips to Busan, we finally managed to take both the train and the sky capsule and since we chose a hotel a few meters away from Mipo Station (Hotel Hyggelig), we got very used to the line and itinerary.

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Taking the Haeundae Blue Line Train & Sky Capsule in Busan

Haeundae Blue Line Train & Sky Capsule itinerary

Blue Line Park map

The itinerary for the Blue Line Train and Sky Capsule is the same only from Mipo Station to Cheongsapo Station.

The train continues its journey all the way to Songjeong Station, for a total of 4.8 kilometers.

If you choose to only go with the Sky Capsule, you will take it from Mipo Station, and get off at Cheongsapo Station. The capsule goes very slowly and covers 2 kilometers in 30 minutes so you have plenty of time to enjoy the view and take plenty of pictures.

A short overview of the Blue Line Train’s map, itinerary, and stops looks like this:

Mipo Station (Train & Sky Capsule)

Dalmaji Tunnel (only train)

Cheongsapo (Train & Sky Capsule)

Daritdol Skywalk (only train)

Gudeokpo (only train)

Songjeong (only train)

How to get to Mipo Station

how to get to Mipo Station

Because Mipo Station is the starting point in most cases, finding the Blue Line starting point is essential. That’s where you can purchase tickets from, and hop on both the train and the Sky Capsule.

You will need to get to Haeundae Station or Jung-dong Station on Subway Line 2, exit 7. From there, it is an easy 20-minute walk toward the eastern end of Haeundae Beach. Leave behind the tall skyscrapers and move toward the end of the beach, on the hill above the small harbor and fish market.

That’s how you will see the station on Google Maps, or you can search for 해운대해변열차, 해운대스카이캡슐 & 부산그린레일웨이 on Naver maps.

Address: 13 Dalmaji-gil 62beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan (Haeundae Blueline Park – Mipo Station) | 부산 해운대구 달맞이길62번길 13 (해운대블루라인파크 – 미포정거장) 

As you approach the park you will see the big sign:

How to get around Busan

Operating Hours


Last train from Mipo

7 PM during Winter Season (November, December, January, February);

7:30 PM during Off-Season (March, April, October);

8:30 PM during the High Season (May, June, September);

9:30 PM during July and August.

Last train from Songjeong

6:30 PM during Winter Season (November, December, January, February);

7 PM during Off-Season (March, April, October);

8 PM during the High Season (May, June, September);

9 PM during July and August.

Sky Capsule

Last capsule at

6 PM during Winter Season (November, December, January, February);

6:30 PM during Off-Season (March, April, October);

7:30 PM during the High Season (May, June, September);

8:30 PM during July and August.

Ticket Price

Blue Line Train ticketing machine

There are a few options for buying your ticket.

You can either reserve online (not sure if you need a Korean phone number, as far as I’ve seen is not a mandatory field) and pick up your ticket from the ticketing machine at Mipo.

The second option would be to come earlier and buy a ticket directly from the ticket office at Mipo Station, Songjeong Station, or Cheongsapo Station. All the other stops don’t have in person ticket office.

The 3rd option would be to book online a full day tour that will take you with the Sky Capsule, Blue Line Train, but also to some of the important tourist attractions along the way, such as the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple or Jukseong Cathedral.

The ticket price is:

Sky Capsule – 2 people one way – 30.000 won; 3 people/ one way – 39.000 won; 4 people/one way – 44.000 won

If you want to book a return trip with the capsule, you will need to buy 2 one-way tickets.


Pass for one-way – 7000 won

Pass for two rides (return or you can get off at any point and take the train again) – 12.000 won

Day pass (you can take the train from any station, once) – 16.000 won

Our experience with taking the Haeundae Blue Line Train & Sky Capsule

On our first trip we went by subway to Songjeong Station and walked for 15 minutes to the beach until we found the station for the Blue Line Train.

We bought the ticket and had to wait for a few hours until we could get on the train. Songjeong Beach is a cool area known for surfing, lined with cafes and restaurants so it was nice to have the time to explore a little.

How many days in Busan

We got on the train and made our way all the way to Mipo Station, where we got to right in time for the sunset.

The train has branches with seats facing the ocean, but you need to be fast if you want to catch a good seat even if you take the train from one end of the line.

The second time around, we came prepared and knew where to buy the tickets from and when to come in order to skip the crowds.

We only took the Sky Capsule and admired the stunning view from this small colorful car. The capsule is individual and hosts up to 4 people.

Sky Capsule Busan

Attractions along the way

Gudeockpo Village – don’t miss Gudeockpo Beach, or one of the cool cafes in town.

Daritdol Observary at Gudeokpo Stop – a cool skywalk with a transparent floor hanging above the sea.

Dalmaji Tunnel with its cool picture spots but also perfect view over Haeundae Beach and the LCT The Sharp shyscrapers

Haeundae Sea Sound Gallery – the audio guide inside the train will tell you the story of the North Korean spy ship that was found here in 1985.

Along the train rails there is also a walking trail offering stunning ocean views and plenty of options to get down to the hidden beaches.

View from Dalmaji Tunnel

Cheongsapo Station hosts the Musée de Bleu Gallery & Cafe, an Instagram-worthy stop in Busan. Also, the village has plenty of nice cafes and a dounut place right in the harbor. In Cheingsapo Village you can also find the now famous intersection where the traffic stops for the train to pass, with the ocean behind it.

Haeundae Blue Line Train & Sky Capsule itinerary

The easiest way would be to go by subway or bus to Songjeong Beach. Buy a day pass so you can get off and on again at every train stop along the way.

From Cheongsapo Station, take the Sky Capsule to Mipo Station. Plan it so that you can catch the sunset with the pink skies and Haeundae and Gwangalli as your background image.

What to see in Busan

Alternatively, book your one day tour with Blue Line Park and get to see other places near by as well.

Where to stay in order to have good access to the Blue Line Park

Staying in Haeundae is the best idea if you want to be close to the Blue Line Park, train, and capsule.

For our second visit to the city, we chose to stay here, because we loved the vibe and all the things that we could do at and around Haeundae.

We chose to stay at Hyggelig Hotel and it was a pleasant stay for us. It is literally steps away from the Blue Line Park, but also extremely close to the ocean, small harbor and fish market. Haundae Beach is 2 minutes away, and you basically have everything at your disposal: restaurants, cafes, shops, and more. See availability and prices here!

Of course, at Haeundae there are plenty of other luxury hotel options such as the Paradise Hotel, Signiel Busan, or Grand Josun Busan.

If you would rather stay in an apartment with an ocean view and a jacuzzi by the window, UH Suite is your choice.

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