How to get to Namsan Tower: your complete guide

How to get to Namsan Tower

So you are visiting Seoul and want to see the city’s main tourist attraction? After climbing Namsan Mountain on several occasions, I have decided to help you with this complete guide on how to get to Namsan Tower.

No fluff and only useful information to help you get to the top no matter if your starting point is Seoul Station, Myengdong, or Itaewon.

How to get to Namsan Tower

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About the N Seoul Tower

Even though it might look otherwise, Namsan Seoul Tower is more than just a broadcasting tower, being one of the most important tourist attractions worth seeing in Seoul. Built in 1971, on top of Namsan Mountain, at the heart of South Korea’s capital city, the tower offers panoramic views from its Observation Deck, but also lots of other ways to spend your time. 

Inside the tower, you’ll find restaurants, cafes, photo spots, observation decks, and much more. Come here on a clear day and you can get an unobstructed 360-degree view of the city. 

The tower is 236.7m high and sits on top of the highest mountain you can find in the center of the city, at 243m above sea level.

View from Namsan Mountain

Can you see North Korea from Seoul Tower?

On an extremely clear day, from the top of Namsan Mountain and Seoul Tower, you might be able to see North Korea. However, even if you won’t have luck, you can always plan a trip to DMZ and experience the real deal!

N Seoul Tower tourist attractions

As you start your ascent towards the tower, you will be impressed by the greenery and natural beauty of Namsan Park, the largest park in town, only steps away from the hustle and bustle of big boulevards. 

The closer you get to the top of the mountain, and to the tower, steps away from the cable car terminal, you’ll find plenty of tourist attractions worth exploring. 

Among the things to do in and around Namsan Seoul Tower you should not miss

Visit the Observatory for some of the best panoramic views in town.

Plan your trip for the sunset – afterward, you can see the city come to life and light up.

Come to Namsan Park during spring and fall for the cherry blossom or foliage.

Admire the statues of famous figures in Korean history and learn about the country’s past.

See the fortress wall built during the Joseon Dynasty, whose purpose was to protect the city from invaders. 

Admire the stone shrines 

Take a picture with the Locks of Love – a collection of locks symbolizing eternal love between those who hang them. You can even buy them from inside the tower and hang one yourself.

Locks of Love Namsan Mountain

See the Mokmyeoksan Bongsudae or the Mongmyeoksan Beacon Hill Site –  a series of five beacons in a row that served as smoke warning systems used in the past. 

 Mongmyeoksan Beacon Hill Site

Visiting Namsan Park is free.

What to See & Eat at N Seoul Tower & Seoul Tower Plaza

The N Seoul Tower or Namsan Seoul Tower had 7 floors that are open to visitors, packed with restaurants, cafes, and galleries, some with the best views in town. 

Inside the tower you will find: 

  • A burger place
  • A Korean restaurant
  • An Italian restaurant
  • A French restaurant
  • A photo studio
  • A roof terrace
  • A gift shop and a teddybear shop
  • A few cafes and a convenience store

Additionally, on each floor, you will find viewpoints and some sculptures of popular Korean cartoon characters, such as the Kakao Friends. 

Previously, inside the tower, you could find the Hello Kitty Island and the Teddy Bear Museum, but both attractions have now been closed (2022). 

Opening Hours – Observatory

The Observation Deck welcomes visitors from 10 AM until 11 PM, and the best time of the day to visit is around sunset. 

Where to buy Tickets

You can purchase your ticket for Seoul’s main tourist attraction at the ticket booth below the tower, or you can book it online ahead of time when you want to save money. 

The entrance fee is 16.000 won for adults, and 11.000 won for children and the elderly. 

How to get to Namsan Seoul Tower

Throughout our time spent living in Seoul, we have explored Namsan Park and have climbed all the way to the top of the tower several times. 

There is just not one best way of getting there, and all have their charm, especially during spring or fall. If you are only visiting for a short time, you might want to know the shortest route; or if you are looking for the most photogenic spots, you might want to go hiking.

But here is all the information you might need, and more!

How to get to Namsan Tower from Myeongdong Station

Hike to N Seoul Tower

From Myeongdong Station, you can easily climb to the top of the mountain. The road passes through some colorful streets and offers pretty nice views. 

Start at Exit 02 or Exit 03 and head towards the Pacific Hotel, take the street on the right-hand side and keep straight until you get to the cable car. 

The hike is a little over one hour long and can be anywhere between 2.2 and 3.3 kilometers, depending on the route that you choose. 

Bus to N Seoul Tower 

From Myeongdong Station, take subway Line 4 or walk to Chungmuro Station Exit 2 and hop on the number 02 bus heading to N Seoul Tower. 

Depending on the traffic, the ride will be around 30 minutes long. 

By Cable Car: How to get to the Namsan Cable Car Station

Myeongdong Station might be one of the closest subway stops to the Namsan Cable Car Station. Take Exit 3 and walk towards the mountain, for roughly 15 minutes.

There is no good bus route that will take you there faster, or without having to walk, but there is a free “Namsan Cable Car Shuttle Buses” just outside of the subway station. 

                    By “Namsan Ormi” or Namsan Outdoor Escalator 

Operating since the summer of 2009, the outdoor escalator eases access to the mountain.

It is free of charge and will take you all the way to the cable car. 

At Myeong-dong Station, take Exit 4 and head towards Namsan Tunnel 3 on Banpo-ro (street).

Namsan Cable Car Entry Fee in 2022:

By car or taxi to N Seoul Tower

You won’t be able to get all the way to the top of Namsan Mountain by car or taxi. The closest parking spaces are the ones in Seoul Square, the one next to the National Theater of Korea, the one next to Namsan Cable Car, or the Namsan Park parking lot. 

For some of the parking spaces, you can get a discount by showing the ticket for the Observatory. 

How to get to Namsan Tower from Itaewon Station

Hike to N Seoul Tower 

On the most scenic hike inside of Seoul, you will pass through the Namsan Botanical Garden and a wilder part of Namsan Park. Choosing to go this way, will actually feel like a hike and you can even pass by a firefly sanctuary. 

Take Exit 2 at Itaewon Station, and go north towards the mountain. Leave Grand Hyatt Seoul on your right, and enter Namsan Park by the Namsan Exhibit Hall. 

The climb to the top of the mountain will take a little bit over 1 hour, depending on your pace. 

Bus from Itaewon station to N Soul Tower

Depending on how many times you want to change buses/subway, the ride will take between 30 minutes and 1 hour. 

Option 1: Take subway line number 6 from Itaewon Station to Yaksu Station, from there, take Line 3 to Dongguk University Station, and from there take bus number 02 to Namsan Tower

Option 2: Take subway line number 6 from Itaewon Station to Cheonggu Station, from there, take Line 5 to Gwanghuidong, and from there take bus number 04 to Namsan Tower

Option 3: Take the blue bus number 421 to Hamilton Hotel, and from there take bus number 02 to Namsan Tower. This is also the longest trip. 

From Itaewon Station to the Namsan Cable Car

If you want to take the cable car and you are in Itaewon, you have 2 options: 

Option 1: Take Subway Line 6 to Samgakji Station, from there take Line 4 to Myeong-dong and follow the above instructions there. 

Option 2: Take bus number 405 to Baekbeom Plaza, and from there walk for roughly 10 minutes

How to get to Namsan Tower from Seoul Station

Hike to Namsan Tower

I did this hike both during spring and autumn, and I can say it is worth it! For the best views, take Exit 8 at the Seoul Station Subway stop, and walk on Seullo all the way to Namdaemun Market. From there, head north, pass through Baekboem Plaza Park and start climbing the stairs towards Namsan Tower. 

You will pass by Ahn Jung Geun Memorial Museum, and also the Namsan Public Library. In my opinion, this is the most photogenic trail you can take and offers some of the most picture-worthy spots.

The walk-up is 2.5 kilometers long and will take around 1 hour.

Take the bus to Namsan Tower

When it comes to buses, you could take bus number 02 or bus number 04. 

For bus number 02

Option 1: Take the blue bus number 507 to Toegyero 3 Ga. Hanok Village from where you can board the bus towards the top of the mountain.

Option 2: Take subway Line 4 to Chungmuro Station and from there board bus number 02. 

For bus number 04:

Option 1: Take bus number 100 to Gwanghuidong, and from there take bus number 04 for 4 stops to N Seoul Tower

Option 2: Take subway Line 4 to Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station, and from there take the bus.

From Seoul Station to Namsan Cable Car

You can easily get from Seoul Station to Namsan Cable Car by bus in roughly 15 minutes and a 5-minutes walk. 

Bus options: 505, 401, 406

How long does it take to walk up to Namsan Tower?

No matter where you are starting your hike from, the climb will take more or less 1 hour.

Other options for seeing Namsan Tower

Go on a Seoul Traditional Culture Course Hop-on Hop-off Sightseeing Bus Tour

Book your N Seoul Tower Admission Ticket & Transfers from Myeongdong

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